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In-person Speaker

Director of Interactive Solutions,
Contract Lecturer

Lee Eldridge served as Director of Advanced Technologies at CJ Graphics, the world’s most award-winning print company for more than 15 years, and was Associate Editor of DesignEdge, the Canadian trade magazine for graphic designers for seven years.


In 2023, he shifted his professional focus towards education, research and consultation on emerging technologies. He is currently an instructor at Toronto Metropolitan University, where he teaches advanced communication and creative technologies in the Graphic Communications Management and Creative Industries programs. As a consultant, Lee is currently developing course materials focused on bringing generative AI technologies into some of the Creative School's most popular courses.


Outside of the University, he continues to provide his knowledge and guidance to major brands and industry partners on AI-powered design and marketing tools and workflow automation. His research focuses on mapping industry trends in the graphic communications industry, and the integration of AI-powered tools into creative professions.

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