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In-person Speaker

Lucy Trepanier is a 2023 Graphic Communications Management program graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University. With a dual minor in Marketing and Communication Design, she is passionate about integrating cutting-edge design practices and advanced technologies in the Graphic Arts Industry.


Additionally, she has studied design at Parsons Paris and recently presented at the 2023 IARIGAI Conference of Print, Media, and Research in Germany. Her research has focused on Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Technologies within the Graphic Communications Field.


Lucy presently works at Victory Creative Group as a Digital and Graphic Designer.


Video Speaker

AI Visual Search

Jim Gerberich, currently serving as Customer in Residence at Canto, is dedicated to enhancing content discovery for key clients through the implementation of Canto’s AI-based search, Visual Search Pro. 


Throughout his career, Gerberich has been a driving force in the evolution of media platforms, consistently demonstrating a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence in content management and distribution. With a robust background spanning over three decades, Jim has consistently demonstrated expertise and leadership in various roles

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