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Welcome to GCM Colloquium


GCM Colloquium is an annual event hosted by students, allowing industry professionals to speak about a specific theme related to the current trends in the industry.


Colloquium allows for students to engage directly with a rapidly changing industry alongside professionals who witness these changes on a day-to-day basis. This opportunity provides access to networking, careers, education, and real-life applications of studied topics.

Previous themes have included Sustainability, Colour Revolution, Printed Electronics, and more!

Colloquium’s theme for 2022 is *Access - Accessibility in Graphic Communications!


We are excited to bring accessibility to the forefront of design thinking, creative problem solving, and all solutions for digital and print media. 

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Accessibility in Graphic Communications

Recordings for our 2022 Conference are now available!

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Sustainability in the Graphic Arts

See what we did in 2021 and rewatch our first digital conference sessions.


Unity, Evolve, Connect, and More

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