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Day 2 - Hemlock - Amanda Chor & Stephanie Beveridge

Written by Hasti Hojjatzadeh

Amanda Chor is the sustainability specialist at Hemlock. For the past two years she has been responsible for managing all the sustainability projects from big picture strategic programs to initiative centred around greening the operations.

Stephanie Beveridge was born in BC and she has worked at Hemlock for the past six years. She graduated from GCM in 2015 and was hired right away for the sales assistant role. Beveridge then transitioned within 9 to 12 months into an account manager role where she works with her own clients and all the new projects.

Hemlock was founded in 1968 by Dick Kouwenhoven who is considered a pioneer in instilling sustainability into the printing industry and the broader business community. Hemlock is a digital printing company based in Vancouver, Canada and is widely known for both quality and sustainability, with many winnings from the printing industries of North America’s print awards and was named Canada’s most environmentally progressive printer multiple times from Print Action magazine. Hemlock was the first FSB certified printer in the Pacific Northwest in 2004 and was the first printer in Canada to become carbon neutral in 2007. Between now and then, Hemlock retrofitted the pressroom with LED lighting and reduced their electricity consumption by 35%. The dampening system used in the presses, reuses water for up to four months and has reduced the wastewater by 65%. Over the years, the clients have made a sizable positive impact on the environment from 2009 to now and zero participants have offset over 15 million kilograms of carbon emissions (CO2e) causing destruction of 3200+ cars off the road for one year.


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