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Day 1 and Day 2 Introduction

Written by Sonia Bhatti

Mentimeter was a great way to start off the event! Many of the viewers were pumped up due to Mentimeter and the amazing questions leading up to the event. Viewers came from around the world such as India, Calgary, London, Massachusetts, Vancouver, etc! The event was started off by acknowledging the land of the indigenous within Canada.

Furthermore, Charles Falzon, the Dean of FCAD, made an amazing appearance by stating his appreciation of this event hosted by Colloquium. “Creativity can solve complex problems'' - Charles Falzon

Jason Lisi, the Chair of Graphic Communications Management, made a lasting impression by stating his concern and success of sustainability. Lisi highlighted that COVID-19 has brought more innovation of how we take on events such as innovations of technology for sustainability. Everyone has a take on sustainability and the attendees brought much hope for sustainability in the future and present.


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